Keystone Symposia

      Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology hosts approximately 50-60 onferences annually across diverse life-science topics. Being an organization for scientific advancement, Keystone Symposia links basic and clinical research, across academic, industry and global health sectors, to promote translational advances with medical impacts.

      Omics Meets Cell Biology: Applications to Human Health and Disease 2014


      Feb 18, 2014 - Feb 23, 2014


      Taos, USA

      The conference concentrates on the interface between omics-level sciences as applied to and integrated with classical molecular- and cell-biological studies. and brings together researchers who are applying and developing omics approaches to interrogate system-level networks with an ultimate goal of understanding the functions of proteins of therapeutic importance. 

      Advances in Molecular Mechanisms of Atherosclerosis 2010


      Feb 12, 2010 - Feb 17, 2010


      Banff, AB Canada

      The goal of this meeting is to provide attendees with the most recent developments in the understanding of cellular processes that contribute to atherosclerosis, with focus on cholesterol metabolism and foam cell formation, genetics, and the immune system. In addition to atherosclerosis-specific plenary sessions, four joint sessions are planned to highlight major developments in areas of mutual interest to investigators in the fields of atherosclerosis and macrophage biology. 

      Dissecting the Vasculature: Function, Molecular Mechanisms and Malfunction 2009


      Feb 24, 2009 - Mar 01, 2009


      Vancouver, BC Canada

      The goal of this meeting is to appreciate for the complexity and beauty of the vasculature and present the most current research on the vasculature by breaking down the blood vessel into individual cells and examine the function of organelles within each cell type.

      NF-kappaB Regulation and Function: From Basic Research to Drug Development 2000


      Feb 22, 2000 - Feb 27, 2000


      Tahoe City, USA

      This meeting brings together leading scientists involved in basic research into NF-kB family of transcription factors and the signaling pathway and regulation, its involvement in disease and development of various strategies to inhibit NF-kB activation.