Society for Risk Analysis Meeting

      This is an annual conference by Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) focusing on all aspects of risk analysis, with topics ranging from toxicology to public health. The event is aimed at scientists, academics, researchers, healthcare professionals, regulators, and industry experts, and provides a forum for sharing knowledge and collaborating to identify future trends in this interdisciplinary field.

      Annual Meeting of SRA 2008


      Dec 07, 2008 - Dec 10, 2008


      Boston, Massachusetts

      At this event, PMI scientists present the research on the integrated approach for risk assessment of potential reduced-risk tobacco products. 

      Annual Meeting of SRA 2006


      Jul 17, 2006 - Jul 19, 2006


      Melbourne, Australia

      This annual meeting has for theme “The role of risk analysis in a dynamic world", and includes presentations in the following categories: risk perception, risk assessment, risk management, and risk communication. 

      Annual Meeting of SRA 2003


      Dec 07, 2003 - Dec 10, 2003


      Baltimore, Maryland