Dr. Emilija Veljkovic

      Dr. Emilija Veljkovic

      PhD in molecular biology and physiology

      Manager Scientific & Medical Affairs

      Emilija joined PMI in 2007 and is currently Manager of Scientific & Medical Affairs. She is a molecular biologist with a PhD in molecular biology and physiology from the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

      Previously, she led a team of scientists responsible for the design and data interpretation of in vivo product assessment studies in Singapore and is the lead author on many publications and book chapters. Emilija was a leading author of the book Nicotine and other tobacco compounds in neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases published in 2018. The book provides a summary of the epidemiological data on smoking and several neurological disorders, describing the complex relationships between smoking and neurological disease and the bioactive compounds found in tobacco.

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