Mohseni Farhang

      Dr. Farhang Mohseni

      PhD in Computational Physics, MSc in Mechanical Engineering

      Senior Scientist Consumable Development

      Farhang is a Senior Scientist Consumable Development, working on the development of new smoke-free products, with specialization in thermal science, fluid dynamics, mechanical engineering and electromagnetism.

      He holds a PhD in Computational Physics from ETH Zurich, a MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer) from the University of Tabriz, Iran. 

      Farhang joined PMI in 2015 as a scientist primarily focusing on developing smoke-free products by designing experiments, prototyping and using computational simulations. Before joining PMI, he worked in academia: at ETH Zurich where he was part of a multidisciplinary group in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) developing new CFD models for fluid dynamics simulations of high energy applications and focusing on magnetohydrodynamics and turbulent flows.