Filippo Gravino

      Filippo Gravino

      MSc in Sciences and Technologies for Environment and Landscape

      Product Safety Assessment Leader

      As a Product Safety Assessment Leader, Filippo plays a crucial role in ensuring that PMI’s smoke-free products meet stringent safety standards and comply with regulatory requirements. His academic and professional background provides a solid foundation in environmental sciences, toxicology, and regulatory affairs, with a focus on ensuring product safety and compliance in the tobacco industry.  

      Filippo earned an MSc in Sciences and Technologies for Environment and Landscape from the University of Milano-Bicocca, Milano. His activities during this program included the development of a predicted model, based on chemometric and QSAR (Quantitative Structure–Activity Relationship) solutions, with the aim to find the best inhibitors of trehalase molecules candidate that act as insecticides. Additionally, Filippo holds a bachelor's degree in Sciences and Safety Chemical Toxicological of the Environment from the University of Milano-Statale. 

      Prior to joining PMI, Filippo spent more than 4 years as a Toxicologist at British American Tobacco, where he also contributed to the safety assessment of tobacco-related products. Additionally, Filippo has worked in regulatory affairs at Koppers Inc. and engaged in environmental research through internships at Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell'Ambiente (ARPA Lombardia), Environmental Protection Agency in the Italian region of Lombardy.