Filippo Zanetti

      Dr. Filippo Zanetti

      PhD in Biochemistry

      Product Safety Assessment Leader

      Filippo is Product Safety Assessment Leader for oral smokeless and electronic vapor products. His main role is to ensure product safety and compliance with internal and external standards throughout a product’s lifecycle, providing scientific and technical expertise. 

      Filippo has a wealth of experience in studies focusing on oral health and also holds the DABT (Diplomate American Board of Toxicology) certification, demonstrating his qualifications in the field of toxicology.  

      Filippo completed both his bachelor's and master's degrees in Biology at the University of Padova. He later earned his PhD in Biochemistry at the same institution. 

      In addition to his role in product safety assessment, Filippo's publication record positions him as a valuable contributor to the global scientific dialogue, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the scientific community. 

      Latest Publications