Karina Fischer

      Dr. Karina Fischer

      PhD in Nutrition Biology, Physiology and Behavior Postdoc 

      Manager Regulatory Consumer Research 

      Karina earned her Diploma in Nutritional and Economic Sciences from University of Kiel, Germany, and studied Applied Biological Sciences in Ghent University, Belgium. At the ETH Zürich, Switzerland, she earned her PhD in Nutrition Biology and became a Physiology and Behavior Postdoc focusing on physiology, cognitive performance, mood, hunger, and satiety, and interventional and observational studies. To learn more about nutritional genomics, proteomics, nuclear receptors, genetic variants, and chronic disease, she also studied and trained in Nutrigenomics/Nutrigenetics at NuGO and University of Wageningen, The Netherlands. 

      Before working at Philip Morris International (PMI), Karina held several positions related to nutritional and clinical epidemiology in research institutions and food industry research & development. She joined PMI in April 2018 as Senior Scientist in Epidemiology and Survey Research and has held several positions since.

      In her current role as Manager Regulatory Consumer Research, she helps to lead the design, development, implementation, analysis, and reporting of post-market studies by applying existing or innovative scientifically robust theories and practices. She also contributes to the writing of submissions to the regulatory authorities. In addition to analysis and interpretation of data, she actively presents our post-market studies’ results at international conferences and publishes the research in scientific journals.

      See Karina’s interview where she describes her post-market research on the harm reduction potential of our Tobacco Heating System (THS), and how heated tobacco products such as THS can play a role in tobacco harm reduction, focusing on data from Japan.

      Latest Publications