Lusine Khachatryan

      Dr. Lusine Khachatryan

      PhD in Bioinformatics

      Scientist - Microbiomics

      As a scientist in metagenomics, Lusine is responsible for developing pipelines for the metagenomics data quality checking and subsequent analysis. She is investigating changes of gut and oral microflora in health and disease and performing various classification approaches to determine robust metagenome-based disease markers.   

      Lusine is a bioinformatician by training with over 13 years of work experience. She obtained her MSc diploma from Lomonosov State University, Moscow, Russia, and a PhD from Leiden University, Leiden, the Netherlands. Her main areas of expertise are Next Generation Sequencing data analysis, scientific programming tailored to method and pipeline development, and statistical and mathematical methods including machine learning.

      Latest Publications