Nazan Gunduz

      Dr. Nazan Gunduz

      MSc and PhD in Chemistry and Polymer Science and Engineering 

      RRP Program Leader 

      Nazan joined PMI in 2006 in Research & Development (R&D) as Program Manager of Next Generation Products (NGPs)*. After that she held several roles of increasing responsibility, including Manager Scientific Communications, Manager Operations Strategic Planning, Senior Manager Intellectual Property and Competitive Intelligence, and Head of IP Intelligence and Ideation.

      In her current role of the Program Lead, Nazan is responsible for the successful end-to-end Life Sciences components definition and deployment for all projects related to oral products development and lifecycle management. She uses her expertise in chemistry, engineering materials, product development and scientific review as part of her daily work to substantiate the reduced-risk profile of products in the oral smokeless category. Learn more about the low-risk potential of nicotine pouches and their place in the risk continuum of tobacco and nicotine-containing products in Nazan's presentation at the 10th Global Forum on Nicotine.

      Nazan holds an MSc in Polymer Chemistry and a PhD in Polymer Science and Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic University, U.S. She has 20 years of experience in tobacco and smoke-free products, chemistry, design, development, and commercialization of proprietary engineering materials, Six-Sigma Continuous Improvement, filed patent applications and published in international scientific journals.


      * Next Generation Products is another term that refers to smoke-free products.

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