Olga Malamousi

      Olga Malamousi

      Diploma in Industrial Engineering and Management

      Project Manager NTI & NPI Consumables

      Olga joined PMI in 2006 as Project Leader in Product Development and has held various roles since then – including Deployment Manager for Assigned Markets. Today, she is Project Manager NTI & NPI Consumables. NTI refers to New Technology Introduction and NPI refers to New Product Introduction. This means that as part of new product introduction, Olga is involved in the process of developing and launching new products. Her focus is on coordinating the projects related to new heat-not-burn product line extensions, working with many cross-functional teams. Olga has experience in project planning, coordination, and monitoring, and in corresponding regulatory activities.

      Olga earned her Diploma in Industrial Engineering and Management in Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences and her studies were mainly focused on mechanical engineering.