Patrick Vanscheeuwijck

      Dr. Patrick Vanscheeuwijck

      Post-doctorate in Molecular Biology, Post-doctorate in Molecular Pharmacology, PhD in Biochemical Pharmacology, MSc in Biochemistry

      Vice President Smoke-Free Products Category

      Patrick is Vice President Smoke-Free Products Category in Life Sciences, and joined PMI in 1995 as a Bioresearch Manager in a PMI research laboratory. He holds a Post-doctorate in Molecular Biology from KU Leuven, a Post-doctorate in Molecular Pharmacology from the University of Arizona, a PhD in Biochemical Pharmacology and a master’s in Science, Biochemistry, from Ghent University.

      At PMI, Patrick has held various positions, including as General Manager of two PMI research laboratories, specializing in experimental biology and toxicology, chemistry, in vitro and in vivo toxicology, and Director, Pre-clinical Toxicology. He spent the first part of his career at PMI developing and applying preclinical science to support the early development of the smoke-free products category. He has published numerous articles in international scientific journals.

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