Piotr Kozarewicz

      Piotr Kozarewicz

      MSc in Pharmacy

      Global Head Regulatory Affairs SFP

      Piotr is a Global Head in Regulatory Affairs for smoke-free products (SFPs) at PMI. He joined PMI in 2017 as a Regional Head Regulatory & Scientific Affairs for the EU region. Piotr is a trained pharmacist and graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw in Poland.

      In his current role, Piotr leads a team responsible for the development of strategies for regulatory submissions and authorizations of SFPs. In doing so, he and his team provide expertise and guidance on regulatory matters throughout the lifecycle of SFPs, from early development and market access to post-market activities. As a pharmacist, Piotr is a believer and keen advocate of tobacco harm reduction strategies and supports PMI’s ambition to deliver a smoke-free future.