Tomoko IIda

      Tomoko Iida

      MEng in Biomedical Engineering, MBA 

      Director Scientific Engagement SSEA, CIS & MEA Region 

      Tomoko is Director Scientific Engagement SSEA, CIS & MEA Region*, where she is responsible for the scientific engagement activities focusing on increasing awareness and understanding within the scientific community about the science behind tobacco harm reduction and the smoke-free product category. Prior to expanding the geographical coverage, she was Director Scientific Engagement Asia Region (EA&A and SSEA) for 3 years. She is a talented public speaker who also uses her platform to promote Asian leadership as well as Women in STEM.

      Before moving to a regional role from Tokyo, she took an active role in overseeing the introduction of our Tobacco Heating System in Japan.

      Japanese by origin, Tomoko holds a MEng in Biomedical Engineering and a BSc in Chemical Engineering from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and an MBA from Imperial College London. She is currently working toward a DrPH (Doctor of Public Health) degree. She worked at MIT Biotechnology Process Engineering Center in the USA and Sony Corporation Life Science Laboratory in Japan.


      * South and Southeast Asia (SSEA), Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) & Middle East and Africa (MEA) Region

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