American Association on Aerosol Research

      AAAR is an annual conference that explores the latest developments in aerosol science and technology, including topics such as atmospheric aerosols, indoor air quality, and aerosol characterization. The conference is aimed at researchers, engineers, and other professionals interested in the environmental and health impacts of aerosols, and serves as a forum for networking and collaboration.

      36th AAAR Annual Conference 2017


      Oct 15, 2017 - Oct 19, 2017


      North Carolina, USA

      This conference includes a symposium linking aerosol oxidative potential with chemical composition and biological endpoints.

      35th AAAR Annual Conference 2016


      Oct 16, 2016 - Oct 21, 2016


      Portland, USA

      This conference provides 16 tutorials across four sessions, including a symposium on e-cigarettes focusing on formulation, particle generation, deposition, and health effects.