Adverse Outcome Pathways Community of Practice Symposium

      AOP Community of Practice Symposium is an annual conference that focuses on the use of adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) in toxicology. AOPs are a conceptual framework that describes the sequence of events leading from a molecular initiating event to an adverse outcome at the level of the organism. The symposium covers topics such as AOP development, validation, and regulatory applications. The aim of the symposium is to promote the use of AOPs to improve the efficiency and accuracy of chemical safety testing, and to provide a forum for sharing knowledge and collaborating on the use of AOPs. The symposium is aimed at toxicologists, regulators, and other professionals involved in chemical safety assessment.

      AOP Symposium 2022


      Feb 15, 2022 - Feb 22, 2022



      At this symposium, AOP developers, coaches and reviewers share their experiences in portraying scientifically credible linkages between perturbations of biological systems and adverse effects on human health.