Congress of Pharmacy with International Participation

      This conference focuses on the latest developments in the field of pharmacy, with topics ranging from drug development to patient care. The conference is aimed at pharmacists, researchers, industry professionals, and stakeholders involved in the study and application of pharmacy. It provides a forum for sharing knowledge and collaborating on new approaches to pharmacy practice and education. The conference aims to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences between different areas of pharmacy and to foster collaborations between researchers, practitioners, and industry leaders. It also offers a platform for the presentation of cutting-edge research and innovative developments in pharmacy, with a focus on improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of pharmacy.

      8th Congress of Pharmacy with International Participation 2023


      Apr 27, 2023 - Apr 30, 2023


      Borovets, Bulgaria

      Organized by the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Society, this Congress brings together over 500 participants and has for theme this year "Escape from the Pandemonium:Pharmaceutical Restart 2023".