PanAfrican Society of Cardiology, South African Heart Association, AfricaPCR Congress

      PASCAR, SA Heart & AfricaPCR is an annual conference on cardiovascular medicine, with topics ranging from epidemiology to advocacy and education. The event is aimed at bringing together scientists from across the diverse field of cardiology, and provides a forum for sharing knowledge and collaborating to identify future trends in the field of cardiology in Africa. 

      PASCAR, SA Heart & AfricaPCR Congress 2019


      Oct 31, 2019 - Nov 03, 2019


      Johannesburg, South Africa

      In addition to South African Heart Association, AfricaPCR, this Congress is held in partnership with the the Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Congress of South Africa (SA-CMR), and the African Heart Network (AHN). The coming together of five major groups will be an important milestone for cardiology in Africa. This year's theme is ‘Meeting the Needs for Africa’ is highly relevant in an ever-changing landscape and epidemic of cardiovascular disease (CVD) on this continent.