sbv Improver

      These are events held by the sbv Improver consortium to identify novel methods for the analysis of epigenomic data, with topics ranging from epigenomic data to machine learning. The events are aimed at bringing together experts from academia, industry, and government, and provide a forum for sharing knowledge and collaborating to identify future trends in the application of the sbv Improver. 

      Epigenomics Challenge 2017


      May 04, 2017


      Tel Aviv, Israel

      This is a closing Symposium for sbv IMPROVER Challenge, where invited keynote speakers give presentations, as well as the challenge winners who present their submission. During this event, PMI scientists share a proof of concept database and website hosting results from inhalation studies, with the aim of assessing potential modified-risk tobacco products (MRTP). 

      Systems Toxicology Symposium 2016


      Mar 15, 2016 - Mar 17, 2016


      New Orleans, USA

      The Systems Toxicology Symposium’s objective is to present to a panel of experts the results of preclinical and clinical assessment studies conducted by Philip Morris International R&D and to capture the opinion of the panel in a SciPi™. SciPi™ is short for SCIentific oPInion. Run by SciPinion, a SciPi™ is a specialized survey for scientists to weigh in with their opinion on important topics. In this instance, the SciPi™ will involve attending a short oral presentation as well as getting more insight from posters, in order to answer questions on the interpretation of preclinical and clinical findings about a Reduced-Risk Product (RRP*) prototype.