Symposium on Environmental Chemistry

      This is an annual conference that focuses on the relationship between the environment and chemical substances, with topics ranging from treatments of contaminants to geochemical cycling of elements to molecules. The conference is aimed at researchers and industry professionals and provides a forum for sharing knowledge and collaborating on the latest advances in academia and technology. Symposium on Environmental Chemistry is orginised by Japan Society for Environmental Chemistry (JSEC).

      3rd Joint Conference on Environmental Chemicals


      Jul 02, 2024 - Jul 05, 2024


      Hiroshima, Japan

      The 3rd Joint Conference on Environmental Chemicals focuses on "A new challenge in environmental chemical research - Collaboration across research fields." Organized by the Japan Society of Environmental Chemistry and the Japanese Society of Environmental Toxicology, with co-organizers including the Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan and SETAC Japan, the conference brings together researchers from various disciplines to address the complex challenges posed by environmental chemicals, fostering collaboration and interdisciplinary research.

      The conference features a comprehensive program, including keynote speeches, scientific sessions, and panel discussions. Participants have the opportunity to present their latest research findings, share knowledge, and engage in meaningful discussions on topics such as chemical safety, environmental impact assessment, and innovative analytical methods. The conference aims to promote international cooperation and advance the understanding of environmental chemical issues.

      26th Symposium on Environmental Chemistry 2017


      Jun 07, 2017 - Jun 09, 2017


      Shizuoka, Japan

      This symposium includes original research papers on analytical and monitoring methods of contaminants, distributions and behaviors of the contaminants in atmospheric, aquatic, soil environments, accumulation and toxicity of the chemicals in biota, and treatments of the contaminants.