Peer-Reviewed Publications

      A decade of Systems Biology: where are we and where are we going to?

      Peitsch, M. C.; de Graaf, D.
      Jun 13, 2013

      Over the past decade Systems Biology has gained much traction as a new approach in Biomedical Research and is increasingly integrated into many research organizations. Its emergence is largely the result of the limitations of functional genomics which is mainly focused on linking simple phenotypes to single genes. This reductionist, but powerful approach, has been the major contributor to our current understanding of the function of individual genes and proteins, and will continue to be in the decades to come as our understanding of gene and protein function is still far from exhaustive. However, functional genomics has not been able to yield the understanding of the dynamic behavior of complex biological systems that is so crucial to understand life, and more specifically disease and therapeutic intervention, because it can provide only limited insights into complex multi-gene diseases and biological processes.