Peer-Reviewed Publications

      An improved GC–MS method for cigarette smoke characterization using a novel cold trap, dual column, and cryofocusing system

      Rotach, M.; Rouget, E.; Crudo, J. R.
      May 1, 2015

      Cigarette smoke is a highly complex matrix and presents analytical difficulties for the analyst performing compound identification by gas chromatography analysis coupled with mass spectrometric detection (GC–MS). The development of a novel trapping system and a modified GC–MS layout (using dual chromatographic columns and cryogenic focusing devices) has improved the chromatographic separation of volatile and semivolatile compounds found in cigarette smoke. This improvement has led to the potential to identify compounds usually masked by the solvent peak. This approach has also reduced the amount of peak overlapping by increasing the chromatographic peak capacity with the use of two capillary columns chosen for their analytical specificity.