Peer-Reviewed Publications

      Comparative assessment of HPHC yields in the Tobacco Heating System THS2.2 and commercial cigarettes

      Jaccard, G.; Tafin Djoko, D.; Moennikes, O.; Jeannet, C.; Kondylis, A.; Belushkin, M.

      Aug 14, 2017

      There has been a sustained effort in recent years to develop products with the potential to present less risk compared with continued smoking as an alternative for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke cigarettes. During the non-clinical assessment phase of such products, the chemical composition and toxicity of their aerosols are frequently compared to the chemical composition and toxicity of the smoke from a standard research cigarette – the 3R4F reference cigarette. In the present study, it is demonstrated that results of these analytical comparisons are similar when considering commercially available cigarette products worldwide. A market mean reduction of about 90% is observed on average across a broad range of harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHC) measured in the aerosol of a candidate modified risk tobacco product, the Tobacco Heating System 2.2 (THS2.2), compared against the levels of HPHC of cigarettes representative of selected markets; this mean reduction is well in line with the reduction observed against 3R4F smoke constituents in previous studies.