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      Effect of Switching From Cigarette Smoking to IQOS on Exercise Capacity

      First posted
      Mar 22, 2019
      Official Title

      A Randomized, Controlled, Open-label, 4-arm Parallel Group Study to Evaluate the Effect of Switching From Cigarette Smoking to the Use of IQOS in Healthy Adult Current Smokers on Exercise Capacity and Trainability

      Brief Summary

      This exploratory study is part of the global clinical assessment program of IQOS. It was designed to provide scientific evidence to further substantiate the reduced risk potential of using a heated tobacco product (the Tobacco Heating System [THS] marketed as IQOS) as compared to smoking cigarettes. The main goals of this exploratory study were to assess whether switching from cigarette smoking to using IQOS would influence 1) maximum oxygen uptake during incremental exercise (VO2max) and exercise capacity, 2) ability to perform exercise training and thereby influence 3) VO2max after 12 weeks of exercise training, 4) physiological parameters and biological health markers, and finally 5) physical activity levels in daily life.


      Recruitment: Completed

      Study Results: Available

      Enrollment: 94

      Study Type: Interventional

      Other IDs: P1-EXC-01-EU