Effects of Cigarette Smoke, Cessation and Switching to Aerosol from Two Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco Products on Lung Lipid Metabolism in Two Mouse Strains

      Schneider, T.; Titz, B.; Boue, S.; Phillips, B.; Talikka, M.; Vihervaara, T.; Nury, C.; Elamin, A.; Guedj, E.; Peck, M. J.; Schlage, W. K.; Cabanski, M.; Leroy, P.; Vuillaume, G.; Martin, F.; Ivanov, N. V.; Veljkovic, E.; Ekroos, K.; Laaksonen, R.; Vanscheeuwijck, P.; Peitsch, M. C.; Hoeng, J.

      Conference date
      Jun 9, 2016
      Conference name
      64th American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics

      No abstract available.