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      Evaluation of Biological and Functional Changes in Healthy Smokers After Switching to THS 2.2 for 26 Weeks

      First posted
      Mar 24, 2015
      Official Title

      A Randomized, Controlled, 2-arm Parallel Group, Multi-center Study, to Evaluate Biological and Functional Changes in Healthy Smokers Switching to Tobacco Heating System 2.2 (THS 2.2) Compared to Continuing Smoking Conventional Cigarettes for 26 Weeks in an Ambulatory Setting.

      Brief Summary

      The aim of the study is to demonstrate clinical, biological and functional health changes in smokers switching to the candidate modified risk tobacco product: Tobacco Heating System 2.2 (THS 2.2) as compared to smokers continuing smoking their conventional cigarettes (CC) over a 26-week period.To characterize the study as successful, at least 5 clinical risk endpoints should move in the direction of smoking cessation and these results would be statistically significant. The main analysis will be defined a priori (using the Hailperin-Ruger approach) and will be made between THS 2.2 use and CC use as "per actual product used" and product use categories.


      Recruitment: Completed

      Study Results: Available

      Enrollment: 1039

      Study Type: Interventional

      Other IDs: ZRHR-ERS-09-US