Peer-Reviewed Publications

      Evaluation of the Tobacco Heating System 2.2. Part 8: 5-Day randomized reduced exposure clinical study in Poland

      Haziza, C.; de La Bourdonnaye, G.; Skiada, D.; Ancerewicz, J.; Baker, G.; Picavet, P.; Lüdicke, F.

      Nov 3, 2016

      The Tobacco Heating System (THS) 2.2, a candidate Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP), is designed to heat tobacco without burning it. Tobacco is heated in order to reduce the formation of harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHC), and reduce the consequent exposure, compared with combustible cigarettes (CC). In this 5-day exposure, controlled, parallel-group, open-label clinical study, 160 smoking, healthy subjects were randomized to three groups and asked to: (1) switch from CCs to THS 2.2 (THS group; 80 participants); (2) continue to use their own non-menthol CC brand (CC group; 41 participants); or (3) to refrain from smoking (SA group; 39 participants). Biomarkers of exposure, except those associated with nicotine exposure, were significantly reduced in the THS group compared with the CC group, and approached the levels observed in the SA group. Increased product consumption and total puff volume were reported in the THS group. However, exposure to nicotine was similar to CC at the end of the confinement period. Reduction in urge-to-smoke was comparable between the THS and CC groups and THS 2.2 product was well tolerated.