Peer-Reviewed Publications

      Evaluation of two derivatization reagents for the determination by LC-MS/MS of ammonia in cigarette mainstream smoke

      Mottier, N.; Jeanneret, F.
      Dec 13, 2010

      Ammonia in cigarette mainstream smoke was quantified by LC-MS/MS after derivatization. Two different reagents, fluorescamine and dansyl chloride, were investigated, but only the latter gave stable derivatives; therefore, it was considered the most appropriate choice. Smoke samples were collected on a Cambridge filter pad followed by an impinger containing a solution of hydrochloric acid. Ammonia was then derivatized with a 18.5 mM solution of dansyl chloride in acetonitrile at 70 °C for 30 min in a vial with the internal standard, (15)ND(4)Cl. The resulting derivative was analyzed by LC-MS/MS detection with an atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) interface in the positive ionization mode using multiple-reaction monitoring (MRM). Good linearity was obtained in the concentration range of 0.02-1.65 µg/mL (r2 ≥ 0.999), and the limit of detection (LOD) was established at 0.006 µg/mL. This method has the advantage of being sensitive, efficient, and reliable and is not hindered by interferences from the sample matrix. It should thus be considered a reference method of choice for the determination of ammonia in smoke.