Peer-Reviewed Publications

      Gas chromatographic—mass spectrometric analysis of acrylamide and acetamide in cigarette mainstream smoke after on-column injection

      Diekmann, J.; Wittig, A.; Stabbert, R.
      Aug 1, 2008

      A method is described for the simultaneous determination of two short-chained amides, acrylamide and acetamide (classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as probable and possible human carcinogens, respectively), in total particulate matter using gas chromatography-on-column injection and mass spectrometric detection. Sample preparation is kept to a minimum, and the proposed analytical procedure proves to be fast, sensitive, and precise. Validation studies show good linearity with a regression coefficient of r2=.000 for both compounds. Quantitation limits are 32 ng/mL for acrylamide and 70 ng/mL for acetamide. In the particulate phase of mainstream smoke from the University of Kentucky Reference Cigarette 2R4F, 2.3 µg/cig acrylamide and 4.7 µg/cig acetamide are found; no acetamide and only .0074 µg/cig acrylamide is found in the gas phase. Possible mechanisms of formation in cigarette smoke are discussed.