Identification of the transcriptional gene network in 2D and 3D human bronchial epithelial cell culture systems

      Belcastro, V.; Mathis, C.; Poussin, C.; Weisensee, D.; Hoeng, J.
      Conference date
      Jul 17, 2011
      Conference name
      19th Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology

      Background: Microarray gene expression technology has become standard practice in systems biology to analyze transcriptomic changes at the cell, tissue, and organism level, enabling the reverse-engineering of condition-specific gene networks. Purpose: To better understand how transcriptional gene networks of biologically close cellular systems, differ, two specific networks were reverse-engineered from 2D and 3D human normal bronchial epithelial cell cultures. Methods: 100 gene expression profiles for both normal human bronchial epithelial (NHBE) cells and organotypically differentiated bronchial cells (AIR100 culture) were collected under normal culture conditions. Gene networks were reconstructed by correlating gene expression profiles at a false discovery rate (FDR, T-statistic and Benjamini-Hochberg correction).