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      Investigate the Exposure to Selected Smoke Constituents in Smokers Switching to Distillation Based Smoking Article

      First posted
      Dec 22, 2008
      Official Title

      A Controlled, Randomised, Open-Label, 3-Arm Parallel Single-centre Confinement Study to Investigate Exposure to Selected Smoke Constituents in Smokers Switching From Conventional Cigarettes to SMAR Cigarettes for 5 Days

      Brief Summary

      The overall purpose of this clinical study conducted in confinement under well-defined conditions is to obtain initial data on the levels of human body exposure to selected smoked constituents of the SMAR cigarette.The main objective of this study is to compare the biomarkers of exposure to cigarette smoke constituents in smokers switching to SMAR and to biomarkers in smokers of conventional cigarettes (CC). The biomarkers of exposure will be measured in blood and urine samples collected from the subjects. Moreover, the biomarkers in subjects smoking conventional or SMAR cigarettes will be compared with those biomarkers in smokers who stop smoking for 5 days. The short term safety of this new product will also be evaluated.


      Recruitment: Completed

      Study Results: No Results Available

      Enrollment: 112

      Study Type: Interventional

      Other IDs: YVD-CS01-EU