Peer-Reviewed Publications

      Investigation of menthol content and transfer rates in cigarettes and Tobacco Heating System 2.2

      Jaccard, G.; Belushkin, M.; Jeannet, C.; Aldilla, E. N.; Wijoyo, A. O.

      Nov 14, 2018

      Menthol cigarettes account for a significant market share in many countries. However, little recent data exists on menthol levels in cigarettes and in mainstream smoke, limited to some markets or specific cigarette designs, such as cigarettes containing capsules filled with flavoring liquids. Samples of mentholated cigarettes bought worldwide with a variety of cigarette designs were analyzed for menthol content in cigarettes and in cigarette mainstream smoke with two analytical machine smoking regimes. A wide range of menthol content in cigarettes, from 1 to 22 mg/cigarette, was observed. The transfer of menthol to the cigarette mainstream smoke was generally slightly higher than the transfer of nicotine, with a range of 17%–40% using an intense smoking regime and 1%–17% using the ISO smoking regime. For the Tobacco Heating System (THS) 2.2, the menthol content was 12.8 mg/stick, and the transfer of menthol into the aerosol was about 17% with the ISO intense smoking regime, similar to the transfer of nicotine. The menthol content of the novel product THS 2.2 corresponds to the midpoint of the menthol content range of cigarettes, and the transfer of menthol to its aerosol is in the low range of cigarette menthol transfer.