Peer-Reviewed Publications

      Oil-membrane protection of electrochemical sensors for fouling- and pH-insensitive detection of lipophilic analytes

      Yuan, Y.; DeBrosse, M.; Brothers, M.; Kim, S.; Sereda, A.; Ivanov, N. V.; Hussain, S.; Heikenfeld, J.
      Oct 19, 2021

      To take full advantage of the reagent- and label-free sensing capabilities of electrochemical sensors, a frequent and remaining challenge is interference and degradation of the sensors due to uncontrolled pH or salinity in the sample solution or foulants from the sample solution. Here, we present an oil-membrane sensor protection technique that allows for the permeation of hydrophobic (lipophilic) analytes into a sealed sensor compartment containing ideal salinity and pH conditions while simultaneously blocking common hydrophilic interferents (proteins, acids, bases, etc.) In this paper, we validate the oil-membrane sensor protection technique by demonstrating continuous cortisol detection via electrochemical aptamer-based (EAB) sensors. The encapsulated EAB cortisol sensor exhibits a 5 min concentration-on rise time and maintains a measurement signal of at least 7 h even in the extreme condition of an acidic solution of pH 3.