Post-market evidence on alternative nicotine-containing products

      Roulet, S.

      Conference date
      Jun 25, 2021
      Conference name

      Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Days 2021


      Below is transcript of the video introduction:

      Good morning, good afternoon to everyone listening to this recorded session. I'm very pleased to be a speaker for the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Days. I am Steve Roulet, and I'm the Global Head of Behavioral Research Insights at Philip Morris. Today, I'm going to talk about post-market evidence related to alternative nicotine-containing products. I have been working with Philip Morris for about 20 years, and I've been involved in all pre- and post-marketing studies with the aim to assess the perception and the behavior of adult tobacco and nicotine-containing product user and adult non-tobacco and nicotine-containing product user, related to IQOS, which is Philip Morris's heated tobacco product.

      During today's presentation, I will cover quite a lot of ground, starting with the overall harm reduction concept. Then I will move to Philip Morris’ overall scientific assessment program for Philip Morris’ smoke-free products with a particular focus on post-market studies that we have implemented in Japan, Italy, and Germany, but also showing you results form a recent study conducted in the beginning of last year in Bulgaria. Before closing my presentation, I will present you key results from independent studies showing that the prevalence of use of heated tobacco products among former and never tobacco and nicotine-containing product user, including youth, is low in countries where IQOS has been already commercialized.