Scientific Update August 2021 Issue 13


      Published on
      Aug 26, 2021

      PMI releases its latest Scientific Update 13, a regular publication on its research efforts to further tobacco harm reduction and to develop and assess a range of potentially reduced-risk alternatives to cigarettes.

      The 13th issue of the Scientific Update features an editorial by Steve Roulet, Global Head of Behavioral Research Insights. There, he examines product use patterns, relative risk, and the effects of switching to smoke-free alternatives, compared to continued smoking.

      This issue discusses how switching to scientifically substantiated smoke-free products can reduce the risk of smoking-related harm for individuals and the population as a whole. It also highlights the importance of monitoring use patterns over time to evaluate changes in risk to the population. Another highlight from this issue details our clinical research indicating the short-term health-related improvements that can come from switching completely from cigarettes to PMI’s Heated Tobacco Product, compared to continued smoking.

      This issue of the Scientific Update features an overview of the historic decision made by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and update from the ABOUT Toolbox team and an overview of some of our latest publications by PMI and independent researchers.

      Flip through the pages of our latest Scientific Update to learn more.