Peer-Reviewed Publications

      State-of-the-art methods and devices for generation, exposure, and collection of aerosols from e-vapor products

      Boué, S.; Goedertier, D.; Hoeng, J.; Iskandar, A.; Kuczaj, A. K.; Marescotti, D.; Mathis, C.; May, A.; Phillips, B.; Peitsch, M. C.; Schlage, W. K.; Sciuscio, D.; Tan, W. T.; Vanscheeuwijck, P.

      Dec 29, 2020

      E-vapor products (EVP) have become popular alternatives for cigarette smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke. EVP research is challenging and complex, mostly because of the numerous and rapidly evolving technologies and designs as well as the multiplicity of e-liquid flavors and solvents available on the market. There is an urgent need to standardize all stages of EVP assessment, from the production of a reference product to e-vapor generation methods and from physicochemical characterization methods to nonclinical and clinical exposure studies. The objective of this review is to provide a detailed description of selected experimental setups and methods for EVP aerosol generation and collection and exposure systems for their in vitro and in vivo assessment. The focus is on the specificities of the product that constitute challenges and require development of ad hoc assessment frameworks, equipment, and methods. In so doing, this review aims to support further studies, objective evaluation, comparison, and verification of existing evidence, and, ultimately, formulation of standardized methods for testing EVPs.