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      Toxicological Evaluation of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Products

      Date published
      Jan 14, 2021
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      Toxicological Evaluation of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Products
      Peitsch, M. C.; Hoeng, J.

      Toxicological Evaluation of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Products (ENDP) discusses the scientific basis for the toxicological assessment and evaluation of ENDPs. The book covers aerosol chemistry, in vitro and in vivo studies as well as clinical studies. It provides the basis for the evaluation of short and long term-effects, along with relative risks. It also examines the potential role of ENDPs in tobacco harm reduction and how they may reduce the risk of disease in smokers who switch to them. This book is a comprehensive resource for toxicologists, health practitioners and public health professionals who want the scientific information necessary to assess the relative risk of ENDPs when compared with cigarette smoking and cessation.

      Table of Contents:

      1. Tobacco Harm Reduction
      2. Electronic nicotine delivery devices (ENDS)
      3. The scientific basis for the assessment of ENDS
      4. Quantification of HPHC in ENDS aerosols
      5. Aerosol physics and dynamics
      6. Advanced analytical chemistry methods to characterize ENDS aerosols
      7. Other species of toxicological concern
      8. Impact of ENDS on indoor air quality
      9. A systems-based approach to toxicity testing
      10. Translational aspects of toxicity testing
      11. Dosimetry and human-relevant exposure
      12. Aerosol generation, exposure, and collection
      13. Toxicological assessment in vitro
      14. Toxicological assessment in vivo
      15. Assessment of in vivo models of disease
      16. Flavors and their toxicological assessment
      17. A clinical strategy for ENDS testing
      18. The disease risk reduction potential of ENDS
      19. Residual risk associated to nicotine
      20. Conclusion