Platform 1 now covers our two electronically heated tobacco systems. The first is our three-component system consisting of a pocket charger, a holder, and a heated tobacco unit. The second is an integrated product that combines the holder and charger into a single unit and allows for multiple consecutive uses. Both of these products contain an electronic system that heats the tobacco within a precisely controlled temperature range not exceeding 350 °C. This is achieved via a heating blade, which acts as both a heater and temperature sensor.

Platform 1 is the most developed and most thoroughly assessed of our smoke-free platforms. We have accumulated extensive non-clinical and clinical data to support its potential to reduce the risk of developing smoking-related diseases compared to continued cigarette smoking.

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When the heated tobacco unit is inserted into the tobacco holder, the heating blade is embedded in the tobacco. Once turned on, the heating blade heats the tobacco to a maximum temperature of 350 °C. In its capacity as a temperature sensor, the heating blade ensures that the temperature of the tobacco never exceeds 350°C.

The integrated version of Platform 1 combines the holder and charger into a single unit that must be charged after at least 10 uses. Unlike the original, the integrated Platform 1 design allows for consecutive uses, a capability that can encourage some smokers to switch to a better alternative than cigarettes. 

The introduction of a second product under Platform 1 supports our approach to develop a range of smoke-free products, so that every smoker who would otherwise continue to smoke cigarettes can find a suitable alternative that allows them to fully switch.


On July 7, 2020, FDA authorized marketing with reduced exposure information of the IQOS Tobacco Heating System as a Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP).

A Modified Risk Tobacco Product application has been authorized by the U.S. FDA for Platform 1.

We have scientifically demonstrated that during the operation of Platform 1, no combustion occurs, and the aerosol generated has on average 95% lower levels of HPHCs than found in the smoke of a 3R4F reference cigarette used in tobacco research.

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