18 June 2021

The 8th Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN 2021) was held in Liverpool, England, and was also available for remote-attendance for online viewers. This conference focuses on the role of alternative nicotine products that help adult smokers switch to them from cigarettes. Those alternative products include e-cigarettes, nicotine pouches, oral tobaccos, and heated tobacco products.

The theme this year was “The future for nicotine”, with sessions on topics ranging from “Investment in Nicotine Innovation: risks and rewards for public health” to “Science: orthodoxy, challenges and dissent,” with several panel discussions and other sessions along the way.

PMI's GFN Fives presentations 

Five PMI Scientists participated in this year’s GFN by submitting GFN Fives – a 5-minute pre-recorded multimedia presentation. You can learn more about GFN Fives here, and watch our scientists’ presentations below. 

Ondrej Koumal

Watch Ondrej Koumal's presentation

Considerations when using sales volume data to estimate tobacco product substitution effects

Presented by Ondrej Koumal, Director Regulatory Communications

Anca Haiduc

Watch Anca Haiduc's presentation

Scientific Substantiation of the Absence of Combustion in a Novel Heated Tobacco Product

Presented by Anca Haiduc, Lead - Analytical Scientist 

Gerhard Lang

Watch Gerhard Lang's presentation

Comprehensive Chemical Characterization of the Aerosol Generated by a Heated Tobacco Product

Presented by Gerhard Lang, Manager Untargeted Screening 

Jennifer Motles

Watch Jennifer Motles' presentation

Can increased transparency of the tobacco companies’ reporting on their business contribute to greater acceptance of their role in reducing smoking-related harm?

Presented by Jennifer Motles, Chief Sustainability Officer


David Rodrigues

Watch David Rodrigues' presentation

Quantitative Assessment of Intent to Use IQOS Among Adults in Brazil 

Presented by David Rodrigues, Head of Consumer Insights for Latin America and Canada

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