11 February 2021

In line with our scientific commitment, we created a tool made for the scientific community, regulators, and anyone with a general interest in PMI’s science, The Smoke-Free Up Close experience. This experience provides an understanding of the development and assessment behind our smoke-free products in an interactive and experiential way. Viewers can learn about our commitments towards a smoke-free future and get a comprehensive overview of our scientific findings to date.

Smoke-free up close interaactive asset

With this interactive tool the viewer can also take a closer look at the pillars of our scientific approach. Platform Development highlights the scientific basis behind the development of our smoke-free products. Toxicological Assessment uses laboratory models to demonstrate that our smoke-free products are less toxic compared to cigarettes. Clinical Assessment further examines how the body responds when smokers switch to smoke-free products. Perception & Behavior explores how people perceive and use our smoke-free products, and Long-term Assessment determines whether smoke-free products are beneficial to the public in the long run.

Aside from exploring our scientific approach and results, the key facts and figures page displays statistics that underline Philip Morris International’s commitment to achieving a smoke-free future.

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