3 November 2020

Below is a transcript of the video:

Myth 1 - Heated tobacco products and cigarettes are the same

The fundamental difference is combustion. Also known as burning. For years, combustion has been used as a source of heat but it also generates by-products: ash & smoke. Smoke contains high levels of harmful chemicals. Therefore, a change was needed to get rid of the unwanted smoke. Thanks to innovation, there are now better alternatives to avoid combustion. Think about driving, The way we heat our homes or energy sources. Same happens with tobacco. Unlike cigarettes, heated tobacco products don’t generate smoke. Heating is a better alternative than burning.


Myth 2 – Heated tobacco impacts others just like cigarettes

Smoke from cigarettes affects smokers and those around. It heavily impacts the quality of the air. Smoke is a complex mixture of chemicals. When heating tobacco, no smoke or second-hand smoke is produced but a liquid-based aerosol, containing mainly water, glycerin, nicotine and flavors. The aerosol does not negatively impact the quality of the air for by standers. There is no passive smoking with heated tobacco products.


Myths 3 - Using heated tobacco products is just as harmful as smoking cigarettes

Smoke is a very complex and toxic mixture. It contains thousands of chemicals and carbon-based solid particles formed when combustion occurs. These are known to impact health and are associated with smoking-related diseases. Heated tobacco does not produce smoke. It generates an aerosol. Its composition is fundamentally different to smoke. There are far lower levels of harmful chemicals and no presence of carbon-base solid particles. This results in the body being less exposed to harmful chemicals and therefore a significant difference on health as well as other benefits compared to continued smoking. Heated tobacco is a better alternative than continued smoking.

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