Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum

      The Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum (GTNF) is an annual global event that brings together stakeholders from across the tobacco and nicotine industries to discuss the future, current issues, trends and opportunities. The forum provides a platform for industry leaders, researchers, policymakers, and advocates to engage in a dialogue about the challenges and opportunities facing the tobacco and nicotine sectors. Topics discussed include the latest developments in public health policy, scientific research on tobacco and nicotine products (such as e-cigarettes, heated tobacco products etc.), and market trends. The GTNF is known for its informative presentations, dynamic dialogues and networking opportunities, making it a valuable forum that we often attend.

      12th GTNF Forum 2021


      Sep 21, 2021 - Sep 23, 2021


      London, U.K.


      This forum, which has for theme "Continuing Change: Innovation & Sustainability", aims to explore new trends in industry development and find new value for industry changes.

      7th GTNF Forum 2016


      Sep 27, 2016 - Sep 29, 2016


      Brussels, Belgium

      This event includes a plenary panel discussion with Germana Barba, PMI's director of corporate affairs and reduced-risk products, on 'Advancing public health with new products and regulatory frameworks'.

      6th GTNF Forum 2015


      Sep 15, 2015 - Sep 17, 2015


      Bologna, Italy

      This meeting includes presentations by PMI scientists on the assessment of Heat-not-Burn products and the regulatory path for reduced-risk products.