Updated: 18 August 2021

PMI Science Booklet

The PMI Science Booklet condenses the information about our smoke-free products into a convenient format, making it easier to share with scientists, regulators, and others interested in learning about PMI Science’s key results.

This issue is still under 50 pages but packs more information than earlier versions. As before, this booklet puts the spotlight on Platform 1, the most advanced of our smoke-free products. This booklet provides the most up-to-date findings from our assessment program while also digging deeper into the details of the product’s chemistry, the effects of switching on health risks, and a section dedicated to independent studies and reviews.

Besides an updated infographic outlining statistics about our research program, there is also a new timeline graphic spanning from 2008 before our R&D center was even open, until 2025 when we aim to see 40 million of our smokers switching to our smoke-free products.

Download the PDF to explore the most up-to-date information about PMI’s scientific assessment program of our smoke-free products, or you can explore the online PMI Science e-booklet.


PMIScience Booklet 2021


PMI Science leaflets

In addition to the PMI Science Booklet, we have also designed two leaflets that provide a brief snapshot of our research in a handful of pages. Browse the 10-page foldable leaflet below, summarizing PMI's vision, key facts & figures, and introducing our scientific approach:

SMOKE-FREE UP CLOSE regular version content preview


Or you can download an extended version of the foldable leaflet, with 12 pages describing our platforms, the science, and the key findings behind our smoke-free products.

SMOKE-FREE UP CLOSE extended version