The PMI Science Booklet, now available as an e-Booklet, condenses the information on our website into a convenient format, making it easier to share with scientists, regulators, and others interested in learning about PMI Science’s key results.

In under 50 pages, you can find out about why we’re developing smoke-free products, explore our four platforms, see how our step-by-step assessment program works, what our future holds, and more. This booklet puts the spotlight on Platform 1, the most advanced of our smoke-free products, and has now been updated with regard to our latest findings.

Plus, there’s an insightful infographic outlining rich statistics, including how many scientists and engineers we employ, how many patents we’ve filed, and how many peer-reviewed publications we have.

Click here to look through our e-Booklet or click here to access a PDF version.


PMIScience booklet cover