Does our leading heated tobacco product’s aerosol contain substances not present in cigarette smoke or at higher levels? What is the impact of passive exposure to our leading heated tobacco product’s aerosol?  How do we know that use of heated tobacco products replaces smoking rather than increasing total nicotine consumption? For the fifth installment of our Open Science event, we answered questions around these and other topics. 

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At Philip Morris International we are convinced that scientifically substantiated smoke-free products can positively contribute to population harm reduction. We are equally convinced about the robustness of our scientific assessments, which is why we are committed to openly sharing our results and encouraging external verification. 

With the ambition to foster dialogue and fact-based conversations, in 2020 we started the Open Science series where we have publicly presented our findings and answered numerous questions about our research and technology. Since some of them could not be answered due to time restrictions, the November Open Science event was dedicated to those important questions that deserved a thorough discussion. 


Panel discussion

The November 2021 Open Science event was hosted on November 4th 2021, at 9:30 am, 2 pm, and 7 pm CET. Our four panelists revisited topics from previous events, answered audience questions we couldn’t get to last time. They also tackled a few misconceptions about our company, our research, and about harm reduction in general. You can watch a filmed portion of the event here.

Each panelist is an expert in their own field and answered questions related to their background, and they also answered questions from the audience live during the session. Here are our panelists and their areas of expertise:

Moira Gilchrist Open Science

Moira Gilchrist 
VP Strategic & Scientific Communications

Moira answered questions on PMI's approach to a smoke-free future.

Maurice Smith Open Science

Maurice Smith
Senior Scientific Advisor 

Maurice answered questions about smoke-free product aerosol vs cigarette smoke.

Gizelle Baker Open Science

Gizelle Baker
VP Global Scientific Engagement 

Gizelle addressed questions about the health impacts of smoke-free products.

Pierpalo Magnani Open Science

Pierpaolo Magnani
Global Head Behavioral & Regulatory Insights

Pierpaolo covered topics related to tobacco product use patterns.


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