Clinical studies

      Our clinical studies at a glance

      Our most relevant clinical studies related to our smoke-free portfolio are shown below.

      About consumer acceptance and the safety of our products:

      Measuring markers of harmful compounds in participants’ samples:

      Collecting information about the risk of smoking-related diseases:

      These trials are registered on, the most comprehensive clinical registry available today.

      The size and duration of these studies vary considerably – from a few days in our pharmacokinetics studies, to up to one year in our Exposure Response Study where the goal is to observe near real-world product usage and favorable changes in risk markers linked to smoking related diseases. These studies are performed either in confinement, where participants are required to stay in the clinic, or in an ambulatory setting, where participants check-in at the clinic at regular intervals but otherwise live a normal life at home or at work. We also have studies that apply a combination of the two, starting with a short period in the clinic, followed by regular visits.

      Our studies are conducted according to Good Clinical Practice and we also publish the results of our studies as they become available at and in peer-reviewed journals.