We at Philip Morris International have committed to replacing cigarettes with better alternatives as rapidly as possible. In this era of social distancing and online conferences, we've created this space to share our scientific results openly with the scientific community.

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Join the discussion as we dig into the science showing how cigarette smoke and heated tobacco aerosol are fundamentally different from one another. Our second Open Science webinar was held September 15th, 2020. Find more details about the September Open Science event, or learn more about what our scientists had to say by watching their presentations below.

September 2020 event details  

Open science presentations: Smoke vs aerosol

If you missed our latest Open Science webinar, or you want to see it again, you can watch each of our scientists' presentation videos at the links below.

smoke aerosol

What are the differences between smoke and aerosol?


Why is the absence of combustion so important?

aerosol science

What do we know about the chemistry of IQOS aerosol?

indoor air quality

What is the impact of IQOS aerosol on indoor air?

independent studies

What do we know from independent studies?


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We've found that hosting webinars is a great way for us to share our latest results with the scientific community. In case you missed one, check out each of our Open Science events below.

Smoke vs aerosol blue

September 2020 smoke versus aerosol

testubes thumb

June 2020 first online poster session