We at Philip Morris International have committed to replacing cigarettes with better alternatives as rapidly as possible. In this era of social distancing and online conferences, we've created this space to share our scientific results openly with the scientific community.

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Due to the success of our Open Science conference series, we are expanding our series to include a wider range of topics. Beginning this year, we are hosting two parallel series: Open Science Core Concepts, and Open Science Expert Talks. Core Concepts address the fundamental principles behind our research, while Expert Talks take a more in-depth and detailed look at our scientific results.

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Our most recent Open Science Expert Talk dealt with the complexities of assessing and understanding product use patterns within the context of tobacco harm reduction. Learn more about this topic, or watch a replay of the event that was held June 10, 2021. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming sessions!

  June Expert Talk




Panel discussion and Q&A

Get to know our experts on the topic of tobacco- and nicotine-containing product use patterns:

Andrea Costantini Open Science

Andrea Costantini
Head of Scientific Engagement for Latin America & Canada 
Discussion host

Gizelle Baker Open Science

Gizelle Baker
VP Global Scientific Engagement 
Discussion panelist 

Pierpaola magnani Open Science

Pierpaolo Magnani
Global Head Behavioral & Regulatory Insights 
Discussion panelist 

Anotnio ramazzotti Open Science

Antonio Ramazzotti
VP Insights 
Q&A special guest 



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We've found that hosting webinars is a great way for us to share our latest results with the scientific community. In case you missed one, check out each of our Open Science events below.

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June 2021 Expert Talk


February 2021 Core Concepts

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September 2020 smoke versus aerosol

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June 2020 first online poster session